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Cultural projects is the main object of our office with an emphasis on permanent and periodic museum exhibitions. Long experience, proper methodology and specialized scientific background guarantee the perfect result.

All of the stages of a cultural project are among the office provided services. Starting from the initial planning of the project to the definitive design, the diligence and the supervision of the implementation.

Constant advisory support ensures the proper management and execution of each project.


Μουσείο Σίτου Μέλισσα Κίκιζας 10
Στην κουζίνα στο Χάραμα Μουσείο Τσιτσάνη
Μισός αιώνας μουσικής δημιουργίας Μουσείο Τσιτσάνη 2

Total exhibition design

 Museological Study / Semantic Planning

Museographic Study / Spatial – Architectural Design

Exhibition lighting

Graphic Design

Multimedia applications

Visual identity

 Printed material

Educational programs

Collection management

Project managment

Technical works supervision

Exhibit layout

Museological advisory support

Entities - Customers

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